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Bennufit™ PrecisionRx Genetic Information


A SaaS software that collects and analyzes data used by laboratories to deliver precision medicine test reports 

Bennufit™ with Hexoskin Smart Shirts


A wearable smart shirt to assess function and vital signs to better understand pain and addiction through remote patient monitoring

Bennufit™ Rehab Connect from Flint Rehab


FDA-cleared at-home rehabilitation to assess functional capacity for chronic pain patients and support recovery through remote monitoring


Bennufit™ PrecisionRx

Delivering on the Promise of Precision Medicine

With Bennufit™, clinicians utilize clinically-validated laboratory tests to tackle the dueling health crises of chronic pain and opioid abuse (1).  Laboratories who license Bennufit™ technology offer tests to deliver insights for opioid risk (2), perceived stress (3,4), depression (5,6,7) and NSAID GI risk (8) along with genetic analyses to better understand pain (9-13), better identify patients at risk for OUD with up to 97% accuracy(14-16) and NSAID side effects(17-18), as well as find the best medication to reduce pain – where published studies show 90% of patients experience an average reduction of 3.4 points on a 0-10 scale, or 40-50% within 90 days (19-21). Bennufit™ technology is based on publicly-available data sources, as well as proprietary discoveries from Bennufit™ and its collaborators. The platform includes published discoveries from leading researchers involved with the largest NIH-funded prospective study in pain (22) who found gene variants associated with chronic pain risk and pain sensitivity (23), as well as award-winning research published in peer-reviewed articles from leaders in precision pain medicine (14-16,19-21,24-26)

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In a published study of 187 patients involving 94 confirmed opioid addicts enrolled in a medically-supervised outpatient treatment program compared to 93 healthy controls, the  Bennufit™ OUD Risk algorithm was a stable predictor of risk for opioid abuse with 96.7% accuracy (AUC=0.967 and Sensitivity of 97.9%)

Bennufit™ with Hexoskin Smart Shirts

Making Sense of Chronic Pain

  Bennufit™ with Hexoskin Smart Shirts is a comfortable machine washable shirt that's breathable, light, and anti-bacterial. It's a smart shirt that has more health sensors than any other wearable device to evaluate various data sources influencing chronic pain and function related to your heart, your breathing, and your movement.  It's an article of clothing linked to an advanced artificial intelligence platform that can monitor, measure and predict changes in conditions.  Smart Shirts are a tool that can help improve the understanding of over 100 health conditions involving chronic pain, as well as serious adverse events like opioid overdose. 

 Bennufit™ with  Hexoskin Smart Shirts measure various heart health biometrics, such as ECG (1 channel, 256Hz), Heart Rate: 30-220 BPM 1Hz, QRS event detection (4ms resolution), RR intervals (4ms resolution) and HRV analysis.  This platform measures various respiratory biometrics, such as Breathing (2 channels, 128Hz), Breathing Rate (3-80 BPM 1Hz), Tidal Volume (last inspiration 80mL-10L, 1Hz), Minute Ventilation (2-150 L/min 1Hz), and Inspiration and Expiration Events (8ms resolution).  It also measures various movement biometrics, such as Acceleration (3 channels, 64Hz, +/-16g range, 0.004g resolution), Activity level 1Hz (0.004g resolution, sensitivity > 0.027g), Step counting (30-240 SPM), Cadence 1Hz (30-240 SPM), and Energy expenditure estimate (kCal).

Whether you are an athlete, professional, or a patient working through recovery,   Bennufit™ with Hexoskin Smart Shirts may help monitor and measure your performance to improve your health.  Click here to learn more.


Bennufit™ Rehab Connect


At-Home Rehabilitation to Measure & Reduce Chronic Pain

  American Physical Therapy Association survey found that 71% of people who’ve never visited a therapist think physical therapy (PT) is painful.  Bennufit™ Rehab Connect delivers a mechanisms-based approach involving PT interventions to address and evaluate aberrant pain mechanisms.   This platform provides over 40 full-body exercises and 10 difficulty levels — all designed by expert PTs and OTs for at-home rehabilitation.

Linked to Remote Patient Monitoring

To support clinicians looking to remotely monitor patients with over 100 conditions involving chronic pain,  Bennufit™ Rehab Connect is specifically designed to support better outcomes in these patients.

FDA-Cleared Class 1 Medical Devices

 Bennufit™ Health partner, and fellow Profound Ventures portfolio company, FlintRehab is registered with FDA and is approved as a medical manufacturer by the Food and Drug Branch of California.

Collecting Real-World Evidence

  Through Bennufit™ Rehab Connect and its other product lines, Bennufit™ is collecting patient-generated healthcare data (PGHD) and patient reported outcomes (PRO) through passive data collection (devices) and active data collection (telehealth) to measure outcomes and prove that its technologies are making a difference in the lives of patients and their families, the clinicians who use our technologies in their practices, and the budgets of payers who pay for our services.

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A Profound Idea

Profound Societal Problem

The most prevalent and expensive health condition: chronic pain, and the leading cause of preventable death: opioid abuse

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Using AI & predictive analytics across platforms to better understand chronic pain and treatments